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Stone KnappingKnapper "Rock Buster" Bo Earls: Bo Earls moved to Utah in 1996 from South Carolina to attend college at Utah Valley State College in Orem, Utah. While visiting Moab in 1999, Bo noticed finely crafted arrowheads, arrows, and knives for sale in many of the high end stores. Being the 'thrifty" person that Bo is, he decided to learn how to make his won knapped art rather than pay for a peice that someone had made. Five years later (the first two years having been spent procrastinating) Bo is now an experienced knapper whom still considers himself an amateur of the skill. Bo still resides in Orem, Utah and would love to hear from anyone who would like to know more about the art of knapping In February of 2005, Bo decided to share his knowledge with anyone who shared his desire and fascination with primitive skills such as knapping. That is how the Utah Valley Knapping Association came to be. The UVKA is currently still in its organizational period but does have an ever enlarging web site dedicated to getting the word out about the many activities pertaining to knapping that take place all over the state of Utah. The goal of the club is to share and pass on the art of knapping to anyone and everyone who sishes to learn more about their ancestral way of making stones and weapons many eons ago. For more information about Bo Earls and his Utah Valley Knapping Association visit:

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